Unapologetic and Pure Magazine began in 2020 by a young journalist looking to spread her wings…well words. In a society surrounded by media and constantly being fed information, she was looking for a space to call her own. With the world going through a pandemic and crying for social justice, Unapologetic and Pure has become a safe space for those looking to influence our ever-changing world. From social justice to pop culture Unapologetic and Pure is your one-stop-shop for millennials and Gen-Z to not just read the news but to have their thoughts expressed. We strive to amplify the voices of those “too young”, no matter what – race, age, gender, and sexual orientation.

Jamesia Downer – Editor-In-Chief

U and P is straight from my heart. I wanted to create a space to express not only my thoughts but the thoughts of my peers. We’re commonly overlooked as “too young” or “not educated enough” but with a Masters Degree and living through a global pandemic. Now more than ever was time to spread our light on the world. That is why I made U and P, for people like me to have a place they can call their own.

Rushaad Hayward – Writer

What’s good! I’m Rushaad Hayward and I’m a 22-year-old sports journalist. A Baltimore native and a graduate of Morgan State University. I’ll be using this platform to update the world on everything sports related. Let’s dive on in!

Adam Ford aka “Sun Zulu” – Writer

Enigmatic Soul | MSU Alumnus ’20 | B.S. Multiplatform Production | Creative Director | Multimedia Artist | Emcee | “Sun Zulu” ® All Rights Reserved. 

Valencia Harris – Writer

Valencia Harris is a Junior from New Haven, Connecticut, majoring in Multiplatform Production with a concentration in On-Air Performance. Valencia is an aspiring entertainment journalist. She is currently a member of the BearTV team, Morgan State University’s student-run TV station. During her matriculation, she has had the opportunity to serve as “Miss” Morgan State University Association of Black Journalists, has severed as an ambassador for the department of Multiplatform Production, and became a BearTV student news reporter. She has reported in Miami, Florida at the largest National Association of Black Journalists convention in 2019, did live-streamed coverage of the late congressman Elijah Cummings’ celebration of life service and has also conducted celebrity interviews. Valencia currently serves as MSUABJ’s President and looks forward to growing as a student and journalist.

Cayla Sweazie – Writer

Hello, I am Cayla Sweazie! A sophomore student athlete at Morgan State University. When I’m not on the field playing softball with my team I am writing and doing my part to make a change in this world! Being a voice for the voiceless on story at a time. 

Amanda Olejniczak – Writer

My name is Amanda Olejniczak, I am a mental health advocate and a very passionate writer. I graduated from college in October of 2020 with my bachelor’s degree in English. I have always loved writing and creating. I remember making my own “magazines” as a child, so it is really a dream come true to be writing for one now.

Aniya Whitfield – Writer

Hey! My name is Aniya Whitfield, and I am a junior at Winston-Salem State University with a double major in Political Science and Africana Studies. I love to write and bring awareness to different situations and ideas. 

Aaron Gilchrist – Writer

Emory class of 18′. Intersectionality and pop culture.

Rachel Schilke – Writer

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Schilke, and I am a junior at the University of Iowa studying Journalism and International Relations. I am also the News Editor at The Daily Iowan in Iowa City, IA. I am really passionate and experienced in writing about health care, local government and businesses, and profile pieces, particularly those that focus on strong women in their fields. Journalism is about telling ordinary people’s extraordinary experiences, so I am ready to dive in and bring those stories to life!

Grace Noel – Writer

Hey hey, Grace Noel here! I am 26-year-old mother, hippy, vegan, extrovert. I enjoy sunbathing, reading, roller-skating and writing of course. I am so excited that my soul sista Jamesia took this leap of faith to launch U & P. Well, that’s enough about me. Get into our content!

 Lena Waithe
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