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#trueOGseries Saturday VR Special.

A 360 degree immersive experience plus news on the UCT fire and more.

Yo!!! Wassup famo? It’s been a minute since a true blue Sun Zulu U&P post but that’s for good reason. As an independent artist I wear a lot of hats and sometimes that responsibility can be overwhelming. But it is Saturday, May 1st, 2021 and I am back with gifts…if y’all still fw ya boy.

Before I get into that area, however, I’d like to address a tragedy that has gone under the radar as far as mainstream media coverage. On April 18th, 2021, forest fires erupted on South Africa’s Table Mountain National Park. This fire started near Devil’s Peak and the Rhodes Memorial, (where there was an explosion at the restaurant building), raging until it eventually reached the University of Cape Town and Jagger Library, destroying it almost entirely.

Thankfully, none of my S.A. friends and acquaintances were physically hurt. Nomandla Vilakazi, a student at UCT, told me that what was lost are “precious jewels” from the African studies and Film archives. She lamented at the irretrievable history of her campus and the blow to her people’s spirits. Fortunately, not all is gone as the collection was in the process of being digitized but just as in the case of VusamaZulu Credo Mutwa, (and just a few days ago Zulu regent Queen Shiyiwe Mantfombi Dlamini Zulu), the amount of history and Black African perspective that is lost hurts everybody worldwide. I was there not even a year ago at all of those locations, too, which makes it even more shocking.

Where do you go from here and what can we learn from a situation like this? Think about the amount of unique material that identifies who you are personally and let’s think of ways to preserve it in our own lives. Yes, anyone can download a music album but what about your family reunion, marriage or baby videos? Our memories on VHS, CDs, DVDs, etc. degrade, too, and it’s because of that non-fungible value that we need to be proactive in preserving them before situations such as the UCT Jagger Fire.

Anyway, It’s about time for me to get up out here on my run for the day. I did say I had a surprise for everyone. Check out my new 360 VR series:

This is just the beginning but you can literally immersive yourself on one of my runs, scooter rides, or even when I visit the grand opening of a friend’s store! If you have an Oculus or any type of VR headset that would get you the best experience; however, anyone can try it out from any device. If you are on a computer use the mouse and right click + hold to move around. If you are on a phone all you have to do is move the phone in the direction you want to see while using your finger(s) to switch between axis points. It’s very intuitive and gives a new perspective and possibilities to the future of video – just remember #trueOGseries was one of the first!

Ok, I’m out! Check out the new music video for Bishop Tha DJ – 😷Bareface Scarface⚡️ (feat. myself!) [Prod. by Senju Glitch]

You can download the song to the streaming service of your choice when you click this link. #trueOGseries Vol. 2: New Day Co-Op is officially dropping May 21st! Check out the sick artwork by Ahmad Abdullah. Alright I’m out 👨🏾‍🚀

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