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Marina Lin- a relatable singer/songwriter

Have you ever been in a situation or gone through something that you felt like you just couldn’t explain? Well, singer and songwriter Marina Lin has the album just for you. Marina Lin’s album, “a work in progress”, was released on February 7, 2020. The song titles all tell you exactly what the song will be about. For example, the first song on the album, “a letter to my crush”, is a song written to a crush she had at one point, but the lyrics are the best part. Marina Lin’s ability to write so poetically is incredible and her voice is nothing short of perfection in combination with her guitar playing and relatable lyrics.

Marina Lin not only sings and writes her own songs, but she has a YouTube channel and an Instagram account where she lets you inside her everyday life even more. Marina Lin is in a relationship and together the couple lives in Canada. It’s interesting to watch her YouTube videos; when we think of musicians, we tend to think of people that are so different than us, but Marina Lin is just a genuine person with daily struggles like everyone else. Currently, Marina Lin is working on getting healthier mentally and physically. I think this is something many people can relate to during this time.

Personally, my favorite song on Marina Lin’s album is “this is what depression feels like”. Marina Lin is open and honest about the darkness that is what depression can feel like in a beautifully written song. I’ve battled depression for several years myself, so having a song that I can relate to is always helpful, and I just know there are so many more people who could relate to it too. Marina Lin is one to keep an eye out for. She may only have one album out right now, but she’s definitely going places.

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