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Who Are You? Really..

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When you think of the word ego what comes to mind? Probably someone that you would call an ‘asshole,’ right? Now think about the ego within you. That part that is alway asking, “What about ME!?” That’s the ego. The part that doesn’t have any space to grasp another perspective, or external knowledge. Our egos are fed by our past traumas, memories, and anxiety toward the future. This is the low vibration that is within all of us upon entry into this plane. 

Now that we have established that we are all that asshole, let’s learn more about the ego. According to, the ego is, “a result of the influence of all the external contexts we have in our experience, not actually us.” NOT ACTUALLY US. Let’s think about just THAT piece. All of the thoughts, feelings, and opinions that we have are not US! 

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To drill this point home even further the article went on to note, “most of our memories are not actually the original information but a version altered by the context you remembered them in, with gaps filled in with best subconscious guesses.” Do you know what that means? Your memory is basically a fictional film that your mind is creating as it goes. That is both scary and liberating. You are the author, director, cast, crew, and the most important member of the audience. So, how can we become the least asshole-like version of ourselves as possible? Keep reading…

You can practice yoga, meditate, go on retreats, and visit spiritually holy grounds seeking knowledge to guide you to ego death/dissolution. Or you can consume herbal remedies often referred to as psychedelics. There have been studies conducted on participants that have taken DMT, psilocybin, ayahuasca, peyote,  LSD, and Ketamine experienced a sort of detachment of the soul from the body. Those who are strongly disconnected from their egos experience a brighter outlook on their lives and past experiences than before the disconnection. In these moments of ego death, you will feel intense sensations of joy, and bliss. St. Bernard of Clarvaux(1090-1153) said, “To lose yourself, as if you no longer existed, to cease completely to experience yourself, to reduce yourself to nothing is not a human sentiment but a divine experience.”

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So, what I’m telling you is that everything that you have deemed, “self” is probably a lie. Not that you’re a liar, but our brains are sneaky little things that create realities oftentimes regardless of concrete facts. The good news is that you have the power to end the cycle of lies that your brain has been telling you since you were old enough to remember. The articles linked to this post are just the VERY tip of the iceberg that is ego death/dissolution, read them but don’t stop there. The life that you deserve and desire to live is readily accessible to you, just change your mind. Literally. 

I hope that this article spurs your journey to ego death. Check back next week for more pieces of peace. 

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