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Tips on Shopping on a New Fashion Website

I love shopping online but it can get a little tricky. You never know if the size is a perfect fit or you have to size up or down. Being someone who shops online a lot, I’m going to give you some tips on what to do and what to look for when shopping on a new site.

Tip 1 (Always Read the Reviews)

The reviews will tell you a lot about a site. Make sure while reading reviews you read both good and bad ones. Everyone has different experiences; but if a lot of the bad reviews have something about taking money or not receiving the product, don’t purchase from this site. If you do still want to try it then proceed with caution. Use a gift card, do not use your regular card. Purchase something small to see if you will receive the product.

Tip 2 ( Check the Return Policy)

You always want to check the return policy to see if it’s an easy return. Since it’s your first time ordering from that site, you’re going to want to buy some test pieces to see if they fit and so you can figure out your size. If they do not, you’re going to want to return it.

Tip 3 (Read the Clothing Descriptions)

Each site your order from should have a clothing description. You want to check this because a medium on one site could fit smaller or larger than another site. Also the material could play a big part on how the item would fit. Another reason why you should read the description is because some items may appear as if everything on the model is what that specific piece comes with. That isn’t always true. The description will tell you what exactly you will be receiving when you order.

Since I’m giving tips on what to do and look for while shopping on a new fashion site, I also want to give some tips on shopping at one of my favorite online stores.

Fashion Nova

I absolutely love Fashion Nova, but sometimes it can be a little hard to find your right size when you first start shopping on the site. One thing you want to do is pay attention to the piece of clothing and the material. If it looks stretchy then go for your normal size. I will say that fashion nova is one of the easiest sites I’ve ever shopped on. Their return policy is very easy and they have a product description of what comes with that item and what is sold separately. They also have customer reviews below the product so you can see what they have to say about it. They have a thing where if you like a piece of clothing on the model, you can look up something that is similar to that item. One last thing I would say to look out for, is the pictures. If it’s a picture of an influencer or not a model’s picture, (meaning if the picture isn’t professional and it’s taken outside), keep scrolling until you get to the Fashion Nova’s model picture because that is what the product really looks like.

(These are screenshots taken from the Fashion Nova website)

(These are all screenshots taken from the Fashion Nova website)

Above are some examples of what to look out for while shopping on the site and an example of the “Shop Similar” option and how it works. The first two pictures are supposed to be the same pair of biker shorts; but if you look closely you can see that the influencer and the model have on two different pairs of shorts. This is why I said you have to keep scrolling until you see a FN model because what they have on is what you will receive. The last three pictures are examples of how the “Shop Similar” option works.

I hope you found some of these tips a little helpful and I hope your next online shopping experience is a great one!

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