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9 mintues and 29 seconds

George Floyd mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

9 minutes and 29 seconds.

That was how long George Floyd laid on the ground. Yelling and pleading.

“I’m about to die”

“I can’t breathe”


In those 9 minutes and 29 seconds, a side of the United States was shown. A side that was new to others but all too familiar to the African American community.

We’ve seen it happen time and time before. From Rodney King to Breonna Taylor. Black lives have been taken without any regard. Lives have been taken that should not have been.

But George Floyd was the last straw.

As the videos of his last breaths surfaced, signs were being painted and protest organized. People flooded the streets against the system that failed African American people every time.

George Floyd represented our fathers, sons, nephews, and brothers. He was just a regular person trying to make it in a world that despises him.

So, this trial is more than just any trial.

It is a test.

A test to see if the United States has listened to the cries of people of color.

A test to see if Black Lives truly matter.

So, it traumatic to see the defense team’s heartless arguments against George Floyd, about his past and his drug addiction, as if this makes him less qualified to be treated as a human being.

Because regardless if he had an addiction or not, he was worth more than a $20 bill. He had a child, a family and a future that was taken away by the careless actions of Derek Chauvin.

But in America, Black skin is seen as a weapon and anyone who is found with it is subjected to death.

And that is the harsh truth.

Rest in power to George Floyd and the countless lives lost to police brutality.

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