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Manage DEEZ!

If you are over the age of 18 and have worked at least 5 jobs, you’re bound to run into a HORRIBLE boss/manager/supervisor. You know the ones that always have something to say, an issue with you or the way you operate, or run the workplace like a military base. Peeps HR gave four major types of bad managers in their 2018 article, “The Impact of Bad Managers.” These types include, the dysfunctional manager, the bully, the climber and finally the micromanager. Working under any of these types can lead to a variety of negative feelings toward the manager and your workplace in general. In some extreme cases, even the vicinity of the workplace! Some impacts that these bosses can have on their organization include low morale, high employee turnover, high sickness and stress rates, and poor hiring decisions. Check out their site for more details.

But what does this mean? Why am I talking about this in the middle of a pandemonium, panoramic, placenta, whatever you want to call it- where businesses are laying off staff, and closing left and right? Folks are seeking employment just about anywhere just to survive. Even though we live in a capitalist system, no amount of money is worth your inner peace, integrity, or extra stress. 

Recently, I worked under a manager that was a major bully. It seemed like sis woke up thinking, “How can I make today a long hard day for my team?” EVERY DAY! Every time the phone rang a surge of anxiety went through my body. This went on for MONTHS until one day, I decided that enough was enough. I have never had to go to HR regarding any issues with a coworker or manager but miss mamas was PUUUUUUSHING it! After bringing my issues to her supervisor’s attention- God removed me from that situation and replaced it with a nearly perfect circumstance for me personally and professionally. That would not have happened if I hadn’t spoken up for myself and exposed her toxic practices. Though I was prepared to walk away, without having another position secured, I valued my peace over those pieces of paper we call money.

That’s the point I want you to get from this entire piece. Your peace is EVERYTHING. Nothing you do can be done well if YOU are not well. Take that PTO! Call in sick! Call HR! Whatever you have to do, DO IT! Remember, anything that is not serving you and your higher purpose is not worth your time. I believe that you deserve abundance, happiness AND peace. Get that!

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