As is Above, So is Below

The moon does more than brighten the night sky, and turn people into werewolves. The National History Museum discussed time, tides and light as the three major impacts that the moon has on life,  but there’s still more! The moon plays a major role in our astrological alignments, which is basically every aspect of our lives. Relationships, attitude, love-life, career, you name it, the universe is involved. Every month we experience a noon and full moon in one of the 12 astrological zodiac signs. So, what does that mean? Well, for each moon phase and astrological placement is a new opportunity to usher in the things that you desire, rid yourself of things that don’t serve you, and dive deeper into yourself.

On March 13, we experienced a New Moon in Pisces. This night was a great time for you to try something new, start a new creative project, or rekindle an old flame. The mutable characteristics of pisces are in full swing, use this to your advantage. Embrace the dreaminess of this sign and utilize this energy toward personal growth.  Click here to learn more about what the new moon in pisces means, and how it affects you and I!

This year I was out with a dear friend at an invite only event, talk about new experiences! The highlight of the night was dancing. I danced as free as I wanted and not once was I attacked by the “Let me get a dance’ers” LADIES, you know how HUGE this is! Another bright spot was being pushed out of my comfort zone in outfit choice. I am conservative naturally, but this night the body-ody-ody was out and I didn’t feel like a fish out of water! (pun intended) So, without even meditating upon transformation and newness I ushered that energy into myself. Ain’t that beautiful!

Treat yo’ self on March 28th. The full moon in Libra is a perfect opportunity to practice some self care. I know how hard the panoramic, pyramid, pangea, whatever you want to call it,  has been on us all. You deserve to take some time out just to tend to number one, YOU. How do you usually practice self care? Maybe you’re a bubble bath and candles person. Or maybe you turn your phone off and curl up with a good book. Whatever your thing is, do it on the 28th. With intention. If you want to get very specific to what activity aligns with you celestially, check out these self care tips for each zodiac sign.

I’ll be at home, surrounded by crystals that call out to me with my journal and some tissues within reach. How will you usher in the energy that the full moon in Libra will bring? 

Click here. to track all of the new and full moons for 2021!

Make sure you check back soon for more pieces of peace.

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