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Demi Lovato’s 4-Part Series

Demi Lovato is coming out with a new YouTube series, Dancing With The Devil. It comes out March 23, will be a 4-part series, and she holds nothing back.

In the preview of this series, Demi talks about her near death experience when she overdosed in July of 2018. Other individuals in her life were interviewed in the series. You can see they may be nervous in the short clips that are shown in the preview, and rightfully so. Overdose is a very serious topic and it left Demi with brain damage. It’s a miracle she’s still alive.

Demi was also recently interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres about her new series. In the interview, Demi was also questioned about her new short hair style. Demi explained that as a part of her full recovery from her eating disorder, she felt she needed to stop hiding her body behind her hair. She felt that she was still holding onto it as a way to hide and didn’t want to any longer.

Demi stated that she was like a cat on her 9th life and wants to use it doing what she loves, making music, which as a big fan of Demi, this news excited me and I’m sure excites many others as well.

Demi as we know is a strong and brave individual. Sharing her experiences throughout her journey as she learns who she wants to be is something very admirable. It can’t be easy being in the spotlight and with mental health issues and addiction on top of it all, I’m sure makes it unimaginably more difficult.

At the end of the preview for Dancing With The Devil, Demi is asked if she is completely clean (from drugs and alcohol) the question remains unanswered as the screen went dark, at least until the series is out.Check out the trailer at the link below and Tune in March 23rd on YouTube for the first part of the series.

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