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Being a young lady with natural hair, I know how stressful it could be to find different and stylish ways to keep your hair in a protective style. I also know that sometimes you may not want to get up early to take your hair out or do your hair. Here are 2 different protective styles you can use:


When it comes to a protective style, braids are always the way to go. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to braids like; box braids, knotless braids, cornrows, and tribal braids. You can get these professionally done or you can actually do them yourself. There are many youtube tutorials for beginners on how to braid your own hair. Also, it doesn’t have to be braids that contain extra hair. If you have the length, you can braid your own hair and still style it however you like. Below are two tutorials, one on how to do your own knotless braids and the other where someone is showing you how to style your natural braids.

Headband wigs

I know that applying wigs can sometimes be a struggle and buying the glue and different products to make it stay can be expensive. A headband wig is definitely the way to go. All you have to do is make sure your hair is pulled back so that the wig can lay flat, put the wig on, hook the strap in the back so that it can be nice and secure, put a headband on to make it look more natural and you’re done! Below are two examples of headband wigs.

These are just a few out of many options that you can try if you’re looking for protective styles. My favorite one is the knotless braids. Which one would you try?

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