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#trueOGseries Season 4, Episode 14 – UnitedMasters SelectCon 2 Highlights

Highlights from UnitedMasters' SelectCon 2: A two day, free digital conference with industry experts, artists & brands discussing music, creativity & how independence will evolve in 2021 and beyond. Music from Griselda, Freddie Gibbs, Chance The Rapper, Big Daddy Kane, AZ, Dave East, Jim Jones, DJ Kay Slay and more. December 11th, 2020.
Track Listing
01.) Sun Zulu Acapella Freestyle
02.) Big Daddy Kane – Something Funky
03.) Billy Danze (M.O.P.) – Freestyle
04.) Freddie Gibbs – Tell Me Freestyle
05.) EXCLUSIVE Unreleased Prodigy of Mobb Deep – Three Stories
06.) UM Break # 1 – Steve Stoute & Swizz Beatz
07.) Chance The Rapper – The Return
08.) Griselda – Moselle
09.) AZ – Different
10.) UM Break #2 – Neima Abdulahi, Coach K & Chris Hicks
11.) Jim Jones – Pardon My Thoughts (feat. Dave East)
12.) Sean Price – How Sean Price Stole Christmas
13.) DJ Kay Slay – We Get Busy
14.) UM Break #3 – Anisa Breneé, J1, Albert Cooke & AJ Ramos
15.) ILL Conscious Ft Dj TMB, Sage Infinite & Recognize Ali – Drop A Jewel
16.) Pull Up Team Honey Dinero, Illa Ghee & The Bad Seed – (Snubbie)
17.) Heltah Skeltah – Neverending
18.) UM Outro – Z & Amy Oraefo

What up folks? We’re winding the year down (in quarantine, still…) and I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a challenge to stay “activated” during this time. Community has been vital in the preservation of my own sanity and, over the last two days, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing the thoughts and ideas of professionals in all areas of the music industry focused on innovation and growth. Shoutout to UnitedMasters & everyone who shared for the jewels. Check out some of the highlights in our weekly Friday Phonk episode above.

By the way, R.I.P. to Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister. Most people know him for his role as ‘Deebo’ in the movie Friday but I always enjoyed his performance in The Fifth Element. There’s a nuance that he brings to his characters that showed depth to a stereotype. Being versatile as an actor in that way, he left an impression on Craig & us all. In all seriousness, he will be missed.

Indie/Hustler Spotlight

The Well Apothecary

Given that the pandemic is now in the midst of record highs, we should all be paying close attention to our health. Of course, there’s a lot that can be said to how you approach your care. In no means am I telling you “Hey, you must do x, y, z…” but for those who are looking to take all precautions, check out The Well Apotehcary run by my cousin Jenn!

This is who she is in her words:

“I am a practicing herbalist. My background in herbalism has been a diverse array of educations. In part I have learned due to my personal interest in plants and science from childhood, my own in-depth research and study, wisdom and information passed down from family, elders and friends as well as herbal schools/classes/lectures taken for further understanding.

All products are either grown in my garden, sourced locally and/or sourced from BIPOC sellers on the mainland. All ingredients are ORGANIC and GMO-free. The Well Apothecary is committed to sustainable practices in each facet of production, manufacturing and distribution.”

Jennifer Harrington

If you’d like to find out more, including legal discretions and other information please visit her website, follow the IG and get well!


Baltimore’s influence is ubiquitous yet unappreciated by the mainstream. The amount of talent in our city is insane and thankfully platforms such as Unapologetic and Pure allow us to see what’s really there. Enter score|swayze. I’ve known (and worked with) him since 2012. He featured in one of the first music videos I ever shot & edited. Yup, real throw back (I didn’t even own the camera and had no clue what I was doing ahaha) but I bring this up because, like I said earlier, community is vital.

This is what score|swayze has to say about his journey:

“I’ve always had music surrounding me in my young life but, more importantly, I’ve always been encouraged to broaden my horizons and palette by my parents.” (my) parents introduced … the entire universe of music, soul, roots reggae, jazz, bossa nova. (I) would take this and run with it, discovering music on (my) own, including rock, alternative and heavy metal. Combine this with (my) brother’s music collection and you can see why (my music) is so diverse.

It was 9/11 back in 2001 that pushed (me) to put the pen to the paper…I saw all the lives lost and how Muslims were being blamed for the attack and the only way I could express any type of emotion towards it was rapping about it. From there the rest was history.”


Check out his latest release, Batmane Beyond, with finagobaby. You can follow him on IG or visit his website to find out more.

We accept submissions to be featured in the Indie/Hustler Spotlight on Friday Phonk. If you are a creative of any discipline and would like to spread your message and your art, please send a brief bio and release you would like highlighted below


2 more episodes for the year. You already know what I’mma be doing in the meantime. Had to bring back the classics in a quarantine ..!!

Might record my elite four run, you feel me? Ard…


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