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Netflix Film Jingle Jangle Directed by Morgan Alum is Released Today

On Friday November 13th Nexflix released the Christmas film Jingle Jangle produced by Morgan State Alumni David E. Talbert.

Both film writer and playmaker, Talbert attended Morgan State University where he received his undergraduate degree, he went on to New York University where he was a part of the film program. 

Jingle Jangle is a Christmas film filled with alot of familiar faces. Starring Ricky Martin, Forest Whitaker, Phylicia Rashad, Keegan- Michael Key, Madalen Mills, and so many more. Jingle Jangle is a classic Christmas film that is set in a Town called Cobbleton and focuses on a toymaker Jeronicus Jangle who is played by Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker. These whimsical toys sing songs that remind viewers of Christmas and the holiday season. Throughout the movie one of Jeronicus Jangles treasured toys is stolen and his granddaughter played by Madalen Mills finds an innovative solution to recover this old toy.

Jingle Jangle is Netflix’s first original live action musical. This netflix musical was a 20 year project for Talbert. Talbert invested years into creating a film that can gather any family around the tv this holiday season.

Talbert not only wrote but also produced this joyful holiday film. This film is nearly two hours of catchy songs, positive energy, and everything Christmas. This film’s soundtrack is everything you would expect and more for this upcoming holiday season.

“The film features original songs by John Legend, Philip Lawrence, Davy Nathan and “This Day” performed by Usher and Kiana Ledé. Legend and Mike Jackson’s Get Lifted Film Co are producing with 260 Degrees Entertainment’s Talbert, Golden Girl Inc’s Lyn Sisson-Talbert, Burr! Productions’ Kristin Burr and Brillstein Entertainment Partners’ David McIlvain. Get Lifted’s Ty Stiklorious executive produces with Vicki Dee Rock,” according to deadline.com.

Other Films that Talbert has produced and is known for are Almost Christmas (2016), Baggage Claim (2013), and First Sunday (2008). These films, along with Jingle Jangle have casts of predominantly black actors and heavily represent African-Americans and people of color around the world who consume these films. In this film especially Talbert utilizes his diverse cast to produce a perfectly festive film.

“David E. Talbert: I think it was just the right time; timing is everything. I’ve been developing this project for 20 years, but it wasn’t until I became a father when  I tried to sit down with my son a few years ago and showed him some of my childhood favorites like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Willy Wonka and he wanted no part of it. I’m singing the happiest, whitest songs ever and he wasn’t interested. I realized that he wanted to see somebody on the screen that looked like him,” said Talbert in an interview with BET.com.

In addition to film writing and play making Talbert is also a best selling novel having released three books. Talberts work is imaginative and it is clear his creative mind led him up to this moment of releasing this netflix film. The release of this movie is monumental for HBCU grads that work in theatre and in film, being the first live action musical on netflix to this day. You can watch Jingle Jangle today on Netflix and prepare for this holiday season with a film written and produced by a Morgan State Alum. 

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