Ways To Have a Good Birthday During Quarantine

For a lot of us, our birthday is a very special day. We love to celebrate the day that we were brought into this world. Due to covid, we all had to put out birthdays on hold. Or do we? Here are some ways to make your birthday creative and fun during quarantine.

Photo shoot

I’ve noticed that a lot of people including myself love to take pictures on their birthday. So why not have a birthday photo shoot in your own home. To make an at home photo shoot you can use some sheets as your plain backdrop, tape to hold the sheets up, a lamp for the lighting, and of course a camera. After you have your setup you can gather up your best 3 outfits or however many outfits you would like to use and start your photo shoot. You can even have music playing just for fun.

(this is a YouTube link of a video that shows you how to make an at home photoshoot for only $5)

Dinner and A Movie

Going out to eat on your birthday is basically a tradition for some. I know that there are some restaurants that are still open but why take the risk when you can be creative and do something at home. This one is for the friends and family of the birthday girl or boy or it can also be for the birthday girl or boy if you would like to do this yourself. You can cook the person’s favorite meal and set up a table as if it was at a restaurant. Sit around the table and watch their favorite movie while you eat. When dinner is over you can have the person’s favorite dessert and bring it to them and have everyone sing happy birthday like the people do at a restaurant. 

At Home Candle Lit Dinner | USA Today

Drive-In Theater (This idea may involve spending a little more money than the others)

I’m sure a lot of us can agree that drive-in movies are pretty cool. So why not make your own. With permission you can go to a park and set up either a big movie screen or a movie projector that can both be purchased on amazon. If you do the movie projector you can use a bedsheet and hang it on something like a soccer goal or anything that’s around you so that you can see the movie. You can also bring a small table and set up snacks, candy, popcorn, or anything else you would eat during a movie and have people come one at a time to eat. With this idea you can invite your friends and other family members because you all will be in your own separate cars.

Drive-In Theatre | USA Today

Taking a look at all of these different and creative ideas for your birthday, which one would you choose to do?

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