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Season 4, Episode 9 – 🎃The #trueOGseries of Horror🦇

The "Podcast like a Mixtape" brings a real perspective on the BET Hip Hop Awards, Nas' upcoming documentary on the marijuana industry SMOKE and the best music in the culture with the latest edition of 'Friday Phonk'. October 30th, 2020.

Today’s Friday Phonk is a brief recap of the 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards by the #trueOGseries crew (originally airing Tuesday, October 27th, 2020). The forward thinking production featured new cyphers and creative labeling for its awards. Do you agree with their choices?

The network is also teaming up with the legendary lyricist Nas’ for an upcoming documentary on the marijuana and Black America with SMOKE. Set to air November 18th, 2020, the project is focused on de-stigmatizing weed culture, Black people and the growth that seems to be skipping over our own.

All of this and the best music just in time for Halloween 👹

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Track listing
01.) Remove 45 (feat. Styles P, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Mysonne & Chuck D) by De La Soul [00:00]
02.) Pepsi Freestyle by The Notorious B.I.G. [05:09]
03.) Suffer My Curse Freestyle by Sun Zulu [06:13]
04.) Loyal by FinesseKing K [07:11]
05.) Hail Mary by 2pac [10:37]
06.) Mind Full Of Demons by Uncle Murda [14:48]
07.) Diary of a Madman by Scarface [17:39]
08.) trueOG break # 1 [20:18]
09.) I Hate Everything (feat. Action Bronson) by The Alchemist [23:52]
10.) And1 by THURZ [25:17]
11.) When You Hear That by Mobb Deep [28:29]
12.) trueOG break # 2 [34:01]
13.) Letz Rok (feat. Rah Digga) by 4th Disciple [39:58]
14.) God Vs Devil by Gravediggaz [42:21]
15.) Rapp Snitch Knishes (feat Mr. Fantastik) by MF DOOM [45:35]
16.) Gang (feat. Rockness Monsta) by Ruste Juxx & Big Bob [48:21]
17.) trueOG break # 3 [51:17]
18.) Bagua (feat. Sean Price) by 4th Disciple [55:25]
19.) Birdy by Conway The Machine [59:11]
20.) No Time Freestyle by FinesseKing K [1:03:59]
21.) trueOG outro [1:05:18]

Indie/Hustler Spotlight


A vibrant aura only begins to scratch the surface of the many words one can use to describe NRB. Born Nyla Rudisill-Black, she originally hails from North Carolina but now makes her home in the DMV-area while pursuing an education at Morgan State University.

I’m not even sure how I first became aware of NRB, to be honest. Going to Morgan was such an experience that sometimes I would just know about certain creative forces on campus. Being hungry for music certainly helps and I do remember the first song I ever heard by her – No Sleep.

It makes sense, then, that I am writing this article on a night of no sleep 😆 NRB is the type of force that brings out the best in others, too, just from sheer inspiration. This dynamism is why I chose her to represent the lead woman in my music video “Black Butterfly“.

BB is a song about a man who, growing up in an inner city, is in the process of transforming his life to escape the traps of society. In doing so, he has to shed the confines of his old life and part of that may mean leaving behind those who care about him. NRB took the role of the important woman in this man’s life and she was able to convey the emotions that the song elicits with ease.

I mean, if you can’t see why she received many compliments on her talent & beauty, tf is wrong with you? Check out the NRB experience and you will not be disappointed. Her new single, Chasing Dreams, is available now. Support!

Nawal Rajeh

Nawal is the president and director of programs at By Peaceful Means. Through her work as an educator and conflict resolution practitioner, Nawal helps young people ages 5-18 learn how to resolve issues of conflict with nonviolent tactics and through advocacy. Her programs extend to the children after they leave, giving them a chance to learn how to maintain institutions they love and can call their own.

Nawal is Unapologetic & Pure in her drive and that starts with her name. It goes back to her childhood in Youngstown, Ohio. In her words:

“A teacher of mine could not pronounce my name. She said it was too hard and changed it to “Noel”. I went by the name Noel for the next several decades of my life. My parents have never called me Noel – it’s not what they named me. 12 years ago almost to this day, I took my name back and began introducing myself as Nawal. It rolls off people’s tongues in all different ways and I am OK with that because ppl try 🙂

I am grateful for the many friends who adapted and went from calling me Noel to Nawal. And also equally grateful when I’m back in my hometown and an old friend calls me Noel – it reminds me (that) person has been in my life for a long time. I love my birth name. It’s a family name as I was named after my dad’s sister and it means “gift” in Arabic.”

That sentiment is what the term means. Nawal’s self-preservation and double identity are something with which we can relate to here at U&P. Dubbed “Words to Inspire a Generation” by Editor-In-Chief Jamesia Downer, U&P reflects the qualities of self-preservation and community spirit that are embodied in people like Nawal. Giving a safe space to the youth who are influencing our future allows for growth and mastery. Nawal gave that to me back in 2015 by allowing me the space to mentor the youth of By Peaceful Means and teach an elective in Hip Hop. #trueOGseries lives on thanks to the Friday Phonk collaboration with U&P.

Giving back keeps the cycle going and if there is something to learn from any of this, stay unapologetic & pure in your approach to life.

Back to the grind..!!


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