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The Drop Podcast Debut this Upcoming November

Three collegiate black men from the DMV area are airing their first podcast episode in early November, providing raw and unique perspectives on society’s most controversial topics.

Colin Sullivan, a Catonsville University student-athlete, Garrett Reaves, a Howard University student-athlete, and Khayri Lucien, a Howard University student. The three decided that now was a perfect time to use their voices to create a podcast that brings light to all the social injustices that are currently taking place in our country. These injustices have been for the past 400 years.

“We felt that there was too much of a disorder in our society today that not enough people our age and within our communities were actively putting energy towards. We didn’t think they were oblivious to this reality, we just felt that there should be voices to help drive our communities to break out of these mental shackles that we as a society are placed in,” said the Real Drop Podcasts hosts.

Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and the list seems to have no end. Black Americans are exhausted from their sadness, worry, and fear in the way this country treats them and devalues their lives.

From Instagram posts to hashtags shared on Twitter young Americans all across the nation are using their platforms, no matter how big, or small to share their thoughts about the recent tragedies that have taken place this year. These small, yet thoughtful actions were not enough for Sullivan, Reaves, and Lucien. They knew that more had to be done to raise awareness and bring attention to some of the most disheartening problems in America. They hope to use their podcasts to have these difficult conversations while also having a youthful and relatable approach to their audience.

“We hope to bring a perspective that our audience may have never thought of or considered. We want to bring awareness to the things that are currently problematic and advantageous to our community. We do this by providing entertaining and relatable experiences and perspectives that allow our audience to feel engaged in our conversations,” said the Hosts.

When pondering the idea of starting a podcast and going over what exactly this project would entail, the three hosts collaborated and considered podcasts they had previously listened to. Although they did not directly derive inspiration from one podcast in particular they listened to The Joe Budden Podcast and the Arian Foster “Now What Podcast” which gave them a sense of inspiration and got them thinking. Their desire to uplift their communities and bring awareness to their cultures was their main inspiration throughout the whole process. 

Senior Reaves and Senior Lucien both attend Howard University, one of the most recognized Historically Black colleges in America. This has given them the experience to surround themselves by a community of like minded young Black men and Women. At Howard, Reaves is a part of the Division 1 football team and is active both in and outside of the classroom.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Howard. Coming out of high school, I never would’ve anticipated the importance of attending an HBCU until now, it has made me a better man and more in tune with black issues & history. I have played football and excelled in areas outside of that including business & organizational clubs to make me versatile,” said Reaves.

Lucien didn’t initially intend on going to an HBCU but since Howard offered him the most money he made the decision to become a Bison and says that now he could not imagine going elsewhere.

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Sullivan is a student-athlete at Catonsville University where he is a member of the basketball team. Although, Catonsville is a predominantly white institution Sullivan has collaborated with his two hosts and has learned a lot from them and their HBCU experience.

“Having Garrett & Khayri as friends and fellow co-hosts, their perspectives coming out of Howard definitely rubs off on me in a positive way, and propels me to thrive in the act of being a black creator. If I didn’t choose to play college basketball, I would’ve most likely gone to an HBCU out of high school, the benefits of going to one would last a lifetime,” said Sullivan.

The Drop Podcast is releasing its first episode in early November and from there they will be releasing plenty of content for anyone interested. You can stream the Real Drop Podcast on Tidal, Apple, Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Pandora.

“The first episode is slated to be released by the week of November 2nd. All of us coming together to execute this venture has been a journey, the workload has been intense, yet fulfilling, as far as building a brand and content creating. The Droppers can expect to hear 3 emerging black men provide raw and unique perspectives on society’s controversial topics. We show a human side to us in that, we check our ego at the door, display our vulnerabilities, and create a safe space for our thoughts to be heard as young black leaders,” said the Hosts.

You can follow The Drop @therealdroppodcast on Instagram for more information and updates on future episodes.

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