Bloggers That Can Keep You Organized and Show You How to Cook Food You Already Have at Home

We all know that this quarantine situation has taken us by surprise. It leaves most of us asking, what can we do now? Or how can I keep myself entertained?. Even though quarantine has regular life on hold, there are some things you can do to stay on a schedule and overall keep everything clean. I came across two bloggers on instagram that can keep you organized and show you how to cook food you already have at home.


Instagram page of @all_things_organized

This blogger is Jessica Haizman. Her page is all about keeping things organized and clean. For example she has posts about how to clean a toaster and how to clean cast iron pans. She also has a bunch of highlights on her page about cleaning, health, medicine, ASL, and many more. On her instagram she has a link in her bio that takes you to her website. Jessica’s website has the links to the products she uses in her post. It also tells you other social media outlets you can follow her on such as Tik Tok and YouTube.

Instagram page of

I’m sure many of us have had a parent or an adult tell us that there’s food in the house everytime we ask to eat out. This blogger by the name of August has many different recipes on her page that gives you many options on what to cook with the food in your house. Recipes such as lobster mac and cheese, Gulla inspired crab rice, french toast, and eggplant parmesan sandwiches. Now I know the last one may not sound too good to some people but the way she makes it and puts it together will make you really want to try it. She can also be found on tik tok and she has a website in her bio on instagram. Her website has all of the full recipes she features on her instagram page and it has a link to her YouTube channel as well.

Taking a look at these blogs has made me want to start organizing and trying new recipes. Now that you all have more time on your hands because of quarantine, would you guys consider trying out their methods?

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