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#trueOGseries Season 4, Episode 8 – 🎤On A Rhyme Scale⚖️

Bishop Tha DJ, Sun Zulu & Legendary Jay chop it up as the #trueOGseries crew talk about Busta Rhymes' challenge to T.I., 50 Cent's endorsement of a continued Trump presidency, and more. October 23rd, 2020.

Busta Rhymes is bringing the Dragon for any emcee in the vicinity! As we countdown to Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God, words with T.I. may or may not lead to a Verzuz battle..?

50 Cent recently caused a storm with his endorsement of the Orange regime. So much so that Chelsea Handler promised to pay his tax bill if he reconsiders his support. We discuss all of this and more On A Rhyme Scale with the original line up of Bishop Tha DJ, Sun Zulu & Legendary Jay. October 23rd, 2020.

Track listing 
01) Red Meth Mix by Roland Jones [00:00]
02) Dreams Into Reality Freestyle by Sun Zulu [02:07]
03) Sly Green by Benny The Butcher [03:43]
04) If I Should Die Before I Wake (feat. Black Rob, Beanie Sigel & Ice Cube) by Notorious B.I.G. [07:11]
05) Saint Ides Flow (feat. Whispers, Styles P & Jadakiss) by Sheek Louch [12:58]
06) TrueOG Break # 1 [18:04]
07) Worldwide (feat. Hanz On, Uncle Murda & Chedda Bang) by Method Man [21:29]
08) Envy by Dave East [23:26]
09) State Prisoner by Black Thought [25:55]
10) 98 Sabres (feat. Armani Caesar, Conway The Machine & Benny The Butcher) by Westside Gunn [28:02]
11) TrueOG Break # 2 [31:27]
12) Angel Dust (feat. Ghostface Killah) by Sheek Louch [35:08]
13) Don’t Look Down by Homeboy Sandman [37:26]
14) Here We Come by Boot Camp Clik [40:13]
15) The 90s Are Back (feat. O.C., DoItAll, UG, Onyx, Dres, Nine, Ras Kass & Psycho Les) by Snowgoons [42:59]
16) TrueOG Break # 3 [46:39]
17) Tough Love by Mobb Deep [51:19]
18) On The Sidewalk (feat. Cory Gunz, Kool G Rap & Norman Bates) by Frank Cook [54:58]
19) On The Frontline by M.O.P. [58:50]

Indie/Hustler Spotlight


In life, it has served me well to have mentors. There are points in my life where I knew where I wanted to go but the little details on how to get there weren’t clear. Sometimes your own experience only takes you so far. That’s when having friends like ADUM⁷ pays in gold.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, ADUM⁷ is a Music Producer, Emcee, Artist and Activist. He learned the ins and outs of the craft working alongside Omowale Adewale and m1 of Dead Prez in NYC’s underground Hip Hop scene. A founding member of the nonprofit union G.A.ME (or Grassroots Artists MovEment) which made free-healthcare, free dental, free legal advice and show bookings available to independent Hip Hop artists from New York and Philadelphia.

The Japan Times describes his style as reminiscent of “…the likes of RZA & MF DOOM”, which is ironic considering he is a former member of DOOM’s Monsta Island Czars as MeccaGodZilla. This is when I came to know him, back when I was a teenager on Hip Hop forums seeking as much knowledge as I could to be a better Emcee & Producer. He has produced music and rapped with artists and brands such as Nike, Capcom, Spike TV, the Japan divisions of Universal, Warner, Armani Exchange and Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill, all while running his independent label Manafest Vision.

It was ADUM⁷’s work as an official United States Cultural Ambassador of Hip Hop to Uzbekistan and Nepal via the U.S. Department of State, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Meridian International Center’s Next Level USA Initiative that inspired my own journey to South Africa thanks to Morgan State University.

This is why it pays to have a mentor, just saying. Anyway, check out his 13 Steps of Maki flip below, it’s a great representation of his production style. ADUM⁷, along with several others, really helped to pioneer the whole “lofi hip hop” production style where dusty loops and drums merged with obscure visuals to create an entertaining experience that tells its own story without an emcee. He’s one of those names that deserves more respect.


Isn’t it weird how Social Media sites go through phases? Well, not really because that’s how we are as people – We grow. Nothing is ever truly static and science even says that with the nature of matter. The stars themselves appear stationary but are always going through phases and those changes affect us all! How do you navigate, especially during these troubled times of Covid?

Ask my friend NaMu! NaMu Astro Daily is She is an expert at seeing the hidden messages in these types of signs and I know because of how I met her. Let’s take it back for a minute, though. When I was real little everyone used sites like Black Planet, Geocities and Angelfire. As I got older, these platforms evolved to become the “first wave” social media sites of MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. They said this because it coincided with the first iPhone and the increased ease in mobile access to these sites. The second wave was when sites like Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr took off and it was on Tumblr that I met NaMu.

I was determined to prove a point to myself – get 5,000 views on a music video to my first EP. Tumblr stood out (to me) because the visual customization elements not only blended seamlessly with the sharing abilities (which was like MySpace but way more aesthetically pleasing) but the community was tight-knit, responsive and vested in each others’ success (which was like MySpace but not dead at that point…lol). NaMu was one of those people who saw and heard my vision, supported the music and I have never hesitated to return that energy for real.

As an Empath, Astrologer & Numerologist, NaMu and I have had thought-provoking and self-revealing conversations about life. She has studied Astrology/Numerology for close to a decade and uses her intuition, gifts and abilities to help guide people at points on their spiritual journeys. Although Tumblr collapsed we maintained that Social Media connection and continue to support each others’ endeavors to this day.

NaMu’s work ethic is most impressive and her numerous clientele are fruits of her hard labor, wouldn’t you agree? Check out her services now!

If you want to know more read the blog on my website. My latest post is about what Unapologetic & Pure means to me and I’d love for y’all to check it out. Okay, back to the abyss…

Much Phonk,


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