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New Instagram Algorithm Makes it Difficult to Share Content

The new Instagram algorithm raises the challenge for users and business owners to share their posts.
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In the age of social media, sharing content with the world is a lot easier than it used to be. With a few taps on a phone screen, you can connect with people all across the world without having to be in their proximity. That’s the purpose of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; to stay connected with people at all times. So, why has it become more difficult for users to share their posts with larger crowds of people?

As of late, many Instagram users have complained that there has been a sharp decline in the number of likes and views they are receiving on their posts. But, what is causing this deficient change in user’s account interactions?

Pertaining to Instagram, there has been an apparent change in the app’s algorithm that affects all Instagram users and the posts they see on their timeline. Between Instagram changing their timeline feed from chronological order to adding a new suggested posts feature, there have been quite a few alterations that have drastically affected the app everyone loves.

The biggest factor affecting who can see your posts is your relationship with your followers. The accounts who interact with your page the most by liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts will be the majority of viewers who see your content. If a small number of people regularly interact with your page, it will decrease the likelihood of reaching more followers through your account.

However, there is a way you can try to connect with more followers even if you do not regularly engage with them; hashtags. Thanks to the Explore Page on Instagram, users are able to view different posts that are similar to what they share on the app. If you add hashtags to your posts, you will be able to increase your audience and reach more people interested in the tags to help grow your page.

On top of the number of users who have struggled to get the traction they desire on their posts, it has been extremely difficult for small business owners to share their businesses on social media platforms due to the app’s new algorithm. In the age of social media, it is more important now than ever to promote your brand and business on social media. But, how can business owners do this with the new algorithm preventing their content from being exposed to different groups of people?

Fatmata Zulu, CEO of Wake Up and Dream Co, expressed how challenging promoting her new business has been and how Instagram makes it difficult to share your work.

“For Wake Up and Dream Co, I find that I have low liking. I wonder how to get my stuff out there so more people will know who I am and that has been difficult,” Zulu said.

One technique Zulu has used to reach more people is with hashtags. As her business, Wake Up and Dream Co, is centered around life coaching, tutoring, education, and personal development, and more, Zulu is sure to use hashtags that focus on those areas. Using hashtags gives Zulu the chance to reach users who are also interested in those aspects and could potentially interact with her page.

While hashtags give users a chance to branch out to new people, there is also a chance of “shadow banning” that could prohibit others from seeing your posts. The concept of being shadowbanned from a social media platform is when your content is limited and restricted from viewers by the app itself.

For example, you could use several hashtags on your posts to reach people, but your post will not show up on the Explore page or receive a lot of interactions. That’s most likely due to shadow banning which is extremely frustrating for users trying to grow their accounts.

With all of the different features, Instagram has to offer, the platform is a great way to connect with different people all around the world and stay in touch with your loved ones. But, the new changes to the app’s algorithm continue to switch the app everyone loves into something unenjoyable. Could future alterations to apps like Instagram and Facebook affect how often people use these platforms and the age of social media as a whole?

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