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Fashion Nova Kids Collection: Cute and…Sexy??

Recently, the popular online clothing store, Fashion Nova, came out with their very own kids line and there were some very mixed emotions about the children’s clothing that they are advertising. Fashion Nova, founded in 2006, is based in Los Angeles, California. They are known for their trendy styles and unapologetically sexy collections. The online store was launched in 2013. In 2016, fashion nova launched their curvy collection, and in 2018 is when their men’s collection came out. Due to the updated installments of their different collections, fashion nova gained more customers because they catered to all body types and genders. So, the launch of the new kids’ line was not a surprise but the articles of clothing were. Here are some of the things people had to say about the new line:

“I think the clothes on fashion nova kids are not very age-appropriate, I think they’re cute, but for older people. When I think of places to shop for kids I think of Children’s Place and Gymboree. Plus the clothes that you can get from those places are very cute and children can easily play in them. But I think I would shop for kids on fashion nova, but I would just be mindful of the stuff I’m purchasing.” – Kysha Hancock

“Okay so they look exactly like the adults on fashion nova just kids, it’s like they aren’t dressing like kids or being a kid it’s rushing them to grow up like I’m 19 now I don’t wear most of the stuff the kids are wearing” – Kajah Watkins

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“I think the line of clothing for fashion nova kids are cute and stylish but they do not fit the style of children. A lot of the outfits resemble what teenagers and young adults usually wear, not toddlers. I like a lot of the outfits, but not for little children.” – Jordan Brown

“The clothes fashion nova has for kids are very grown to me. What I mean by that is the kids have the same clothes as the women. Kids in this generation are already growing up so fast and different and now fashion nova has made some fancy, grown KID clothes. At the end of the day, they are still kids. What happened to a t-shirt with cartoon characters on them? Others may like what fashion nova did for kids but personally, I do not.” – Takara Bennett

“I actually love the Fashion Nova Kids Collection, while some might deem it to be inappropriate or grown, I actually like that kids are more able to express themselves through fashion more so now than ever before. While the boys have yet to have a collection of clothes to wear, we can look at the girls’ clothes which is always fun. One thing I definitely loved was the animal prints that they incorporated into the collection, seeing as I love a good print myself. But more so I’m excited to see what else they have in store for the little ones. I would definitely buy my children’s clothes from here.” – Genelle Courtney

Looking at the clothing line myself, it seems like their target audience could be more for the celebrities and social media influencers who want their daughters to match them or for the mothers who want to look cute and match with their daughter even though some outfits children should just not wear. I do think that there are plenty of kid-friendly pieces, but it’s the way the kids are modeling the clothes and the accessories they put them in. If you took the grown-up accessories off and had them pose at a playground, school, or park, maybe it wouldn’t look so grown-up. So basically, it’s not necessarily just the clothes, but the way they market the clothes with the grownup accessories and poses. Even though some pieces should be kept only for adults, there are a lot of pieces that I think would be very cute for a daughter and her mother. What are your thoughts?

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