Life is Like a Movie but it’s Better in 5D!

Crystals, zodiac signs, meditation, manifestation, and holistic health. Sounds familiar? You have probably read about these things on your Twitter news feed or seen a video on TikTok inspiring you to manifest the life you want. It is safe to say 2020 has been one hell of a ride. Has quarantine influenced people to take a different approach to life? Or are all things metaphysical just one of many yearly fads that will be gone in the blink of an eye? 

The hashtag spiritual awakening has been used over 6.5 million times alone on Instagram. There are over thousands of videos on Youtube titled Spiritual Awakening. Is there a shift happening in 2020? Is the collective seriously going through a spiritual awakening? Astrologers and spiritualists alike are talking about the shifting from 3D to 5D in the year 2020. What does this mean? One might ask. According to astrologers, this shift is the elevation of human consciousness from the 3D realm to the 5D. 

People believe that human beings have been operating from a three-dimensional level of consciousness ultimately, manifesting in our day-to-day reality as fear, limitations, and lack of interconnectedness with one’s inner being. Operating from a three dimensional level of consciousness bounds one by the notion that their physical reality is limited by time and space. While working hard and suffering to achieve life’s ultimate level of success for personal gratification.

Operating from a five-dimensional space looks like experiencing life with a sense of interconnectedness with the universe, an immense amount of compassion for the world, unconditional love, and forgiveness. At the simplest level of humans shifting to 5D, they have deep empathy for all living beings- including nature. A shift in consciousness, at minimum, would include a shift in an individual’s diet as well. 

It is safe to say there is an increase in vegetarian and plant-based options on restaurant menus- including fast food, which had never been seen before. One of the most popular is Burger King’s Impossible Whooper, the food chain’s most popular sandwich option but meatless- 100% plant-based.

In short, a universal shift into 5D brings a new level of awareness to all, keeping the mind, body, and soul in mind. People are more interested in Chinese Medicine and Holistic Health rather than traditional western medicine. I, for one, believe having the ability to heal thyself is what excites the world most. Holistic health, dare I say, excites the world because it gives us our power back, having the power to fully be in control of our lives without question or doubt. 

Things unseen are now becoming much clearer to the human eye. A 2013 article written by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health suggests practicing the art of meditation for just five minutes a day can: lower your heart rate, increase gray matter concentration in the brain’s structures of learning and memory, enhances self-acceptance, decreases levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. Different breathing tactics can give the same high a psychedelic would, in the sense that your breathing patterns could influence mental, emotional, and even physical states.

 Those who practice Shamanism, one of the oldest and untainted religions from western civilizations, believe there are powerful effects of meditation that may even render out-of-body experiences. That is not limited to Shamanism alone. However, many older spiritual practices include the importance of just existing, just breathing in the element of nature. 

Are we shifting consciousness? Are we merely starting to follow the blueprint set in place by our higher selves while we occupy our human vessel bound by time and space in the 3D realm? Were we steered away from our destiny as technology advanced and time progressed? Who am I to say for sure. Take some time to be present in the moment, sit with it. Enjoy it. What answers will you find?

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